Season 1 – Episode 4: The Early Bird catches the Worm!

Season 1 – Episode 4: The Early Bird catches the Worm!

The Early Bird catches the Worm!

Welcome back, in the last episode Stephen had come to the realization things need to change, In this week’s episode…….

I might have already mentioned that this was not my first attempt to lose some weight, get fit, change my life around, but it was the first time I was disgusted with myself, who I was becoming, what I looked like and my overall attitude towards life!

I am not a particularly introspective person, those who know me might say, intelligent, confident, capable maybe even arrogant. No one would say I am Introspective. But when you realize you don’t like yourself much it is time to do some serious looking inward. I know me, I would jump on this track and follow it until……

Wait, what, the new season of Diablo 3 is about to start….


I really don’t want to get out of bed, I was watching Man in the High castle, Wayward Pines, Game of Thrones until 3 this morning……game_of_thrones

BTW Game of Throne is awesome and responsible for many hours of behind time in my life!

You see I am fairly easily distracted, ADD/ADHD! It makes me great at solving the first 80%-90% of any problem put in front of me. That last 10-20% is ……

So I knew I was going to have to go big if this was to stick. I had to change my lifestyle not just the day to day choice I made.

“The Boy” being 12, goes to bed at 8PM on School nights, sometimes it chafes him and sometimes he struggles to make it that long. I would then use the time from 8 until whenever to do something that involved sitting on my behind. TV, iPad, computer, novel, it really didn’t matter.

So my day looked a lot like

6:45 AM – Get Up

7:30 AM – “The Boy” goes to school, I walk the 12 steps to my office

12:30 PM– head down stairs for lunch, Maybe!

1:00 PM – head back upstairs to office

5:00 PM – head downstairs to make dinner

6:00 PM – Eat Dinner

6:30 PM – Sit on behind some more because 2 flights of stairs and 23 steps is tiring man!

Sometime PM/AM wander upstairs to bed!


There is one other factor we should consider. I LIKE FOOD! There are lots of foods I don’t like, but the food I do enjoy I eat a lot of! For someone who likes food as much as I do, I wasn’t very good at eating on a regular schedule. I skipped breakfast most days, I skipped lunch many days and I made up for it by eating a huge dinner of calorie dense food.

On the one hand we have lots of calories in and on the other very few calories out. I guess I was like a Calorie Bank and like most banks became fat and slovenly.

Anyone see any reason for me to get fat? Anyone? No I didn’t think so.

If I was going to affect change in my life I was going to have to shock my system. Not just eat less and exercise more. So I made the choice, I was going to set my Alarm for 4:30 in the morning!

Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzt, Chimey Music, tra-la-la ….Ugh!

I installed of those smart alarm clock apps for my iPhone a while back, those are the sounds it made at 4:30 the next morning, with the exception of the Ugh, that was me. These smart alarms are meant to wake you when you are in a light sleep, you set a time window and the app will do its best! So you wake feeling more refreshed and ready to seize the day. That morning the only thing I wanted to seize was more sleep. See there was no point in the 30 mins prior to 4:30 when the app detected I was sleeping lightly, so when time ran out it woke me anyway!

Ugh! Did I already say that? Ugh, that is how I felt, I fell out of bed, and stumbled my way downstairs, Made Coffee, ate breakfast and wandered out to the lounge to watch TV!

Some change!

I had managed to make my butt sitting hours start earlier and I hadn’t skipped the “most important meal of the day”. This life change was going to need more thought.

I did manage to get through work that day. I even got on my bike and rode a whole 5 miles. I ate 3 decent meals. Come 8pm when it was “the Boys” bedtime, I could barely keep my eyes open. I think he tucked me in that night!

Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzzt, Bzzzzzt, Chimey Music, tra-la-la – Good Morning! 4:03 am. Hmm! I feel good! Roll out of bed, head downstairs…. Coffee On, Breakfast done! Now what???

IMG_0571I know I will walk down to the beach… It is too early for sunrises photos but it will be a nice walk, and I will be back before “the Boy” wakes up. It is approximately a mile to the beach if you go the “long” way, so that’s exactly what I did, there and back, with a fair exploration of the beach front as well. It felt great to watch the world get lighter, to see color seep into the world, to hear the birds awaken, I felt the planet come alive from the mini death that is sleep. It was exhilarating.

The rest of the day passed in a much more pleasant way. 3 square meals, some good work, a happy apple watch telling me I was filling in my circles, I could get used to this. I even managed to tuck my son into bed that night, just!

I still didn’t have a clear picture of the changes I was going to make, but I knew I was not going to skip meals anymore, I was going to try fill in my apple watch fitness circles, and most importantly I was going to get up early and go to bed when the boy did, the rest I would continue to figure out.

My Alarm app on the iPhone, soon classified me as a “lark”, which was appropriate as now every morning I am out before the birds begin their day. I am the early bird, and that worm is all mine!

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