Season 1 – Episode 3: The Journey of 70.3 miles starts with a single step!

Season 1 – Episode 3: The Journey of 70.3 miles starts with a single step!

The Journey of 70.3 miles starts with a single step!

Yep, here we are 2016, glad you have hung in with me so far. “The Boy” and I started this year by moving! We went from sleepy/beautiful Hawai’i to Busy/Stuck in Traffic/Real World Oahu. Have to say, it has been a great choice.IMG_0453 (Edited)

I actually took possession of our new digs the day before Christmas. “The Boy” was in Colorado for Christmas, so I was here alone with no furniture, a rental car and little to do. The air mattress I was sleeping on did not encourage a GOOD nights sleep, Those of you that know me on facebook  know this is true because I posted some 200 pictures of Sunrises.

As I mentioned earlier, at the beginning of the year I was 208lbs, feeling alone and unhealthy. So I picked up my keys, jumped in the rental car and rushed myself over to Costco to grab some food and most importantly some Stella Artois.

I bought 24 “stubbies” (an Aussie word for the small beer bottles we are drink out of) and drank 12 of them on Christmas Day. Being drunk and alone I then proceeded to drunk dial my family in OZ, except this is 2015 so I really drunk skyped them. You get so much more intimate with video calling, don’t you!

Well I may be #fatslowold, but I am bright enough to have realized something had to change. Boxing Day 12/26/2015 I decided it was time to lay of the beer for a while. This had little to do with weight, but a lot to do with overall health. I still have 12 of those 24 bottles of beer I bought the day before Christmas. Between 1/1/2016 and 3/6/2016 (March 6th) I had a grand total of 2 beers.

I might not have been drinking but I was still not getting off my behind. I really wanted to wear my Kilt to my sisters wedding. It was to take place in March. I was giving her away! I dug the Kilt out of the closet, took it from it protective bag and tried to put it on. And tried, and tried…. I could not get it fastened, the gap between the end of the straps and the buckles that secured them was a good 5 inches…. Sad!

In the meantime the boy had become far more active, the new neighborhood was a wonderful place to be a kid, we had the beach and fishing. All his school friends lived in the same gated community (a lot of military families). He was riding, skating, fishing, using the waterpark and generally running around like a 12 year old boy. This signaled the start of a landmark change in his attitude towards life and the groundwork for a much better relationship between us. This had been an often stressful relationship in the past, but his increasing activity, sense of worth and much calmer home life was allowing him to become the kid we all hope to have. This change has to be one of the things I value most out of the last few months, as I don’t think I could have started this journey without it.

Then it was of to Australia for my beautiful sister and her wonderful man (who I now get to call brother) to tie the knot. I took time out of my no drinking policy to help celebrate their happy occasion. This was a mistake for multiple reasons:

Firstly I came home weighing 211lbs (95.7 kg)

More importantly I made an ass out of myself with “the Girl” and broke some of the trust and safety she felt with me.

We got through it with some hard discussions and a little bit of space,we came home and had a peaceful week here before she headed back to CO. This episode did cement my decision to lay off the grog though. I obviously still had some demons to face out of the failed relationship with “the boys” mom, and I had allowed myself to hurt the sweetest person in the world because of them.

FatShortly after we got back I saw this photo, I was giving a speech at the aforementioned event. I found it very disturbing. I felt disgusted. Between feeling terrible about what happened and now how much of a slob I looked like I decided it was time, I had to change! Not just a little, I had to change everything! It was time to get to a better place mentally, emotionally and physically!

That forced me to take the first step on this journey. To seek a path that would ensure I lived a longer and happier life with the people I love! The determination to do the hard things, the uncomfortable things, the painful things that I needed to fix my physical self. The resolve to examine and expunge the demons I had carried for too long, to forgive my mum, my previous partners and myself for the wrongs of the past. The hope, to look towards a future much brighter than I had dreamed it could be. To work from #fatslowold towards #fitstrongfierce. I did not know it yet, but it was the first step on my journey to 70.3

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