Season 1 – Episode 1: Welcome!

Season 1 – Episode 1: Welcome!


I would like to tell you a little about myself, what I am trying to do, why and maybe a little about how.

Lets start with what this blog is intended to do!

It is mainly for me! I hope that you too will get something out of this, Whether that is the camaraderie of someone else traveling the same path as you, inspiration to start you own journey or to continue on one you started. Maybe some technical advice on how I used the tools I have discovered or the methods I used to get around a particular hurdle. I can but hope!

So who am I?


My name is Stephen. Steve to most, Stevie John to my family ;). I am days away from turning 46. I have been in the computer industry for the past 25 years as a technical guy of various “flavors” and for a few different companies (IBM, EMC, VMware…) to name a few. I now live in the wonderful state of Hawaii in the good ol’ US of A. With me lives my 12 year old son “The Boy”. I have lived in the USA since September 2001, and I could NOT have picked a scarier time to have moved here.

Until 2014 I lived in Colorado, Great Place! Awesome Snowboarding, Fantastic Hiking, it is perfect except for two issues. Brrrrrrrrr Cold and “what do you mean it is 19 hours drive to the beach”. You see I was born and raised in Australia. We have to deliberately choose to go to the Snow, it does not just randomly happen while you sleep or have a meeting at work. And like most Aussie’s I spent my life within a hour of the coast. I didn’t always go to the beach but I knew it was there!

Now you know why I am here in Hawaii “Warm and Beachy”, and as an added bonus much closer to my family who nearly all still live “Down Under”.

I can hear you thinking great, why am I reading this? What is this guy doing?

Well to answer that, I am going to go from Couch to 70.3 IM. A half Iron Man or as a friend likes to call them Aluminum Man. This consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. I am tired just typing that!

I have given myself until the time I turn 50 to complete this task! Slow and steady wins the race, actually that’s not true, slow and steady finishes the race. Those that train, train, train and become really good at breathing, nutrition, endurance, recovery and planning win the race.

So what qualifies me for the “Couch” at the beginning of this journey. As i mentioned earlier, I am 45 and have worked in the computer industry since I was 20. That is hours upon hours of sitting on my derriere.I have had bronchial asthma since I was 7 and  I have smoked for 30 years. As an Australian done my fair share of drinking beer. I have spent the last few years traveling for work, flying between 125,000 and a 150,000 miles a year, hotel food, crazy sleep schedules, rush meetings all make living a healthy lifestyle challenging. I was NOT up to the challenge.

At the beginning of this year I weighed 208 lbs (94.3 kg or 14.85 st), this is great if i was 6′ 6″ (198 cm) tall, but I am not! I am only 5′ 9″ (175 cm) tall. This combination of Height and Weight put me in the obese category of life. I could not run more than a quarter of a mile without becoming a quivery lump on the side of the road. And because of my state of unfitness I shunned doing “Outdoor Activities” instead becoming more sedimentary. I can try and blame “Blizzard Entertainment” and Diablo 3 for this, but it would be a lie! And part of this journey is honesty with myself, Sometimes brutal and sometime I have to congratulate myself on what I am achieving.CouchCert

There is my couch certification. I hope you agree I am qualified!


So I am going to document my journey here, my attempts, my training, my nutritional path, my races, my tools, my discoveries, my wins and losses and my failures! Feel free to stick around awhile and listen, comment, give advice…. I am looking forward to the journey, even while the destination seems a little intimidating at this point!

Enough for today, I need to go eat my donut, wash it down with a beer, before I head outside for a cigarette, Kidding all that is gone and so am I, until next time!

5 thoughts on “Season 1 – Episode 1: Welcome!

  1. And what you are also doing is training for life. To age well and live longer. Our health and our bodies are our greatest asset. And I know, do as I say, not as I do. I need to train for life too. Yoga is even harder when you can’t do a shoulder stand for fear of breaking a rib because of the spare tyres I carry in front.
    You are doing great. Loved your blog. You finally found a way to write. That is impressive too!! Love you always ❤️

  2. Well done Steve. I look forward to reading your blogs and hearing of your next achievement. I have to say that I have never seen you so committed and enthusiastic towards your health and wellbeing. I’m really really proud of you for so many reasons. Mum would be even more proud of you. Keep up the hard work.

  3. Inspirational and a journey that you are now well on the way. Words written superbly with I’m sure much emotion … The target of your IM is within reach and well within your capability and commitment level. Looking forward to seeing your ongoing forward progress. M

    1. Thanks Len
      Videos may come later, right now I am setting the scene so to speak. Laying out the path that led me here and how I had to change the path forward. Once we get to training and when appropriate I will include Videos.


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